Use Cases


QR Codes have limitless applications

  • Transport your customers to the digital media of your choice upon scanning your code
  • Land them on a page with more detailed information that wouldn not fit in a print ad
  • Supply your customers with more in-depth product information than will fit on a label
  • Take customers to an inside look at your any new social media promotion
  • Use them to deliver step-by-step instructional videos or a printable setup sheet
  • Save money on printing and including product warranty registrations with products
  • Have the QR Code send a tweet when scanned, or check in with Foursquare
  • Enable them to enroll in an event such as a webinar or teleseminar
  • Utilize the QR Code to let customers send themselves a reminder via SMS
  • Link them to a special YouTube video
  • Take your customers to a full lineup of your other products instantly
  • Bring your customers directly to your mobile app download in the appstores
  • Direct employers to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or your vCard
  • Use a QR Code in a direct mail piece, business card or postcard to provide a discount
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